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(From the new EP 'ITB')



If you were to describe joshua david king in one word, it would be “pastel”. From the sonic choices to the imagery to the subject matter, King’s music evokes images of lavender, magenta and periwinkle, swirling together on an artist’s canvas. Currently deep in their pursuit of building his own world complete with a musical, visual, and philosophical identity, joshua david king’s love of storytelling brings them to music. 
 Growing up in Inglewood, California and now based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, JDK’s journey to where he is now is anything but normal. 
 Joshua almost exclusively listened to Panic! at the Disco and Linkin Park as a child, moving their tastes to more bubblegum pop and J-Pop as a teenager. These influences would help him as he developed his singing voice, drawing from Prince and Donny Hathaway in developing his tone. Instead of directly pursuing music out of high school, joshua david king attended the Los Angeles Film School. On this they say, “I used to direct things in schools and so I thought I’d try my hand at directing films as well. In film school I discovered my passion telling a story through imagery - the rest is history.

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